Criminal Law


Our law office ensures all legal services related to the criminal law, especially pleading and other legal aid in criminal or offence proceedings. 

  • pleading services in criminal proceedings (economic crimes, property, life, and health crimes, etc.)
  • representation at courts and authorities active in criminal proceedings
  • preparation and filing criminal notices
  • representation in the preparatory proceedings (assistance at investigation, putting forward the evidence, activities aimed at releasing from custody, etc.)
  • representation of injured parties or persons and protection of their rights
  • representation at proceedings on exceptional amendatory means (claims, constitutional complaint, restoration of proceedings, etc.)
  • legal aid in adhesive proceedings
  • representation at misdemeanour proceedings
  • assessment of actions from the view of possible criminal consequences
  • solving the claims arising from breaches of protection of individuals
  • suggestion of alternative ways to conclude criminal proceedings


Longterm legal practice, complex services. 

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