Commercial Law


Our office provides overall legal services in all areas of commercial law – the rights of trading companies, business disputes, contractual law and/or the protection of economic competition. 

  • legal assistance in securities offering, trading with securities and derivates, transfer of securities, exchange and check law
  • establishment of trading companies, fusions, acquisitions, divisions, liquidations, convertion of legal forms, administration and collection of claims
  • bankruptcy proceedings – bankruptcy trustee, dealing on behalf of creditors, etc.
  • business litigation proceedings, filing complaints, out-of-court solving of business disputes, representation at courts, authorities active in criminal proceedings and other institutions
  • creating all kinds of commercial contracts
  • protection of economic competition – legal aid in dishonest competition, analysis of the competitor's behaviour, compiling complaints, representation at courts and authorities active in criminal proceedings


Excellent team. Excellent work. 

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