Civil Law


We provide our clients with complex legal services concerning the vast area of citizen rights (civil-law contracts, rental relations, real estate transfers, property disputes, damage compensation, handling of heritage, etc.).  

  • complex legal counselling in civil issues
  • elaboration and assessment of civil contracts (contracts of sale, contracts of donation, contracts for work, leases, contracts of real estate transfers, registration into the real estate register, etc.)
  • settlement of disputes when breaching or not fulfilling civil contracts
  • action in property disputes (damage compensation, damage liability, settlement of part-owner relationships, enforcement of claims, etc.) and neighbour disputes
  • out-of-court settlement of disputes
  • acting for the client in heritage proceedings
  • filing law suits, representation at courts, authorities active in criminal proceedings and other institutions
  • consumer protection
  • intellectual property rights protection

Thorough work, personal approach. 

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